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“people will judge“

On this short clip Rowen talks about how judgement will always be around but should never stop you.

“People will judge you for the things you do, but also for the things you do not do. It’s up to you to not let it stop you, but maybe even…”


“the fighter in me”

Rowen spoke to Rocycle about overcoming Meningococcal disease and how it affected her life in such beautiful ways.

“Making a change might be one of our strongest tools. Waiting for a change might be one of our biggest traps.”

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“lead with love, not fear“

On this video Rowen talks about celebrating each others success.

“When we lead with fear we’ll find ourselves stuck in that same circle, over and over again. A circle filled with insecurities turning into hate, revenge, a negative mind ignoring all possibilities and opportunities. What if we can change the pattern?”