Good(ie) Talks: Sunny Side Up with Rowen Aida

Happiness and beauty is so much more than just the outside! In this series we talk to some inspiring women who embrace their uniqueness and turned it into their strength.

Rowen Aida is a fitness trainer and founder of SOUL SEEKERS, a motivating and inspiring brand that focusses on well-being. To us; she is a true source of happiness. Check out her instagram account and see for yourself!

Rowen understands exactly what Body Positivity means because of the scars on her legs, which she started loving more and more throughout her younger years. On instagram she posted; “I love how it has affected my perspective on ‘beauty’ in such strong ways, I love the fact my body tells a story and most of all I love to encourage others to own the shit out of their body, their beauty and their story.”

Amen to that Rowen! We had the privilege to interview her. 


What does Body Positivity mean to you personally? 

Fully accept and appreciate my body for her beauty and authenticity.

How did you get your scars? 

In 1992, at the age of two, I got a bacterial virus meningococcal meningitis. I was in a coma for days. Lots of people (especially young kids) did not survive the infection back then. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I’m extremely grateful for my scars, instead of being bothered by it. I love to be alive! I get so much joy out of life. I consider myself very lucky for still being here, and on top of that having a healthy, strong body. Winning!

Did you have a hard time opening up about your scars and showing them to the world?

As a teenager I often tried hiding my scars, but that didn’t last too long. Once I decided to stop hiding it I was surprised and honestly shocked by how many people were shamelessly staring and even pointing their fingers at me. At first it bothered me a lot, I would stare back and point my finger back at them (haha, should’ve seen their faces!), but after a while I didn’t even notice it anymore. I can only imagine how others might have a hard with feeling different or being stared at, that motivates and inspires me to remind people of their beauty, their authenticity and their story. We live on a planet with so many unique individuals, how incredible is that?! We must own up to that!

You’ve got many talents (we heard you sing on TV, you inspire, you motivate). What gives you most energy?


Currently I feel most energized after my rides. It feels like I reach my full potential in those hours. My heart rate is high (which I love!), I’m sweating like a maniac (which I love even more!), favorite music is playing- and in that state I get to stimulate everyone in the room to celebrate their bodies and enjoy their full potential and growth. EPIC!

What do you do on days you’re not feeling so well, but still take on the role of a happy motivator?

I got one golden rule during my work; never say something you don’t mean. Strangely enough on days when I’m not feeling well, unforgettable moments tend to happen during the ride. I always speak right from the heart, which makes me call out words (and reminders) during class I myself probably need the most. And because it’s honest and real, others connect with it- in their own ways. When we feel such deep connection, magic happens! A type of magic that brings light even to my darkest days. 

I wouldn’t call myself a happy motivator. It’s rather positive. I definitely admit to challenging days and moods, I’m just not so crazy about ‘em. That’s why I always seek for solutions and a higher vibration- just to make sure that these days won’t turn into weeks or months. 

On instagram you wrote: “I love the fact my body tells a story and most of all I love to encourage others to own the shit out of their body, their beauty and their story.” Is that your personal motto in life?

Not necessarily motto I’d say, but definitely something I strongly believe in. Life is so much more fun when you learn to acknowledge your beauty, rather than hiding or being embarrassed. What a waste would that be!

What gives you confidence?

Great question, tough one too! I feel most confident while I do what I’m best at (and what I love most); physically challenge-, spiritually motivate- and entertain a room filled with people. I also feel confident after dealing honestly with a challenging situation, when I’m staying true to myself. 

What is something you’d never share on instagram?

Someone else’s secrets or privacy. Sometimes I see posts of people making fun of others (or even strangers!), that makes me feel sick. However making fun of myself- I love! More of that please! 

When are you most happy? 

Whenever I stay true to myself and listen to my heart. I go through periodes where it comes naturally; days where I feel so deeply connected to my heart- that’s when I experience the strongest growth, and that’s the happiest Rowen you’ll get! 

What is the one thing we can always wake you up for? 

Dancing in Berghain (Berlin). One of my top 3 favorite spots on the planet.


Is there anything you’d still really want to achieve?

A bigger following. My goal is to inspire a million people a day. Yep, still working on that. :)

What advice would you give the younger you? Dare to say NO! If it doesn’t feel right, it simply isn’t. Which -by the way- can still be a challenge for me from time to time. However I recently read a quote which I now apply into every situation of my life: ‘If it doesn’t raise my vibration or bankaccount, the answer is no.’ And it works! In every situation of doubt I ask myself; does it raise my vibration? My bankaccount? The answer is your truth. 

Do you have a rolmodel? 

I’ve got a few people who inspire me daily, but I wouldn’t call it ‘a rolmodel’. I’m not trying to follow in someone’s footsteps or studying someone else’s lifestyle or anything. I definitely listen to-, read and check in with some people daily. At the moment I’m very much inspired by Brené Brown and Tony Robbins, their ‘message’ and content touches me and in many ways and somehow aligns with my own beliefs. When it comes down to performing, Freddie Mercury is a huge inspiration for me. Never gave less than 200%, a bomb of energy!  His performance and voice has always moved me deeply. Besides that, my beautiful mom gets all credits for being a huge inspiration to me (since forever!). She’s a holistic coach. My mom has always been the one to talk to, not just for me but for my friends as well, so awesome!

What is your ultimate beauty hack?

Hah! No expensive products; after-sun, everywhere! Body, face, all day er’day. And you smell like summer all year long. Thank me later! :)

Interview by GOODIEBOX