,,The 7 Magical Questions to Stop Projecting Limits”

When was the last time you projected your limits onto someone else's life? And how do we deal with others projecting their limits on us?

Time to eliminate this -not so humble nor so sexy- habit, once and for all! On this Podcast Episode Rowen shares the 7 Magical Questions to help you filter the right thing to say, or simply remain silent.


,,I am not my thoughts”

Your thoughts can be a powerful tool, in positive and negative ways.

A common trap for many of us is that we tend to identify who we are with what we think. On today’s Podcast Episode ‘Thoughts’ Rowen talks about how she practices daily not to identify with her thoughts, why not to resist them and how she makes sure these thoughts don’t rule her life.


,,5 steps to Attract What You Desire”

On this Podcast Episode Rowen tells us about an experience with Gabby Bernstein’s Mantra 'The Universe Has My Back' and how she learned to bring 'surrender' into her process of attraction.

At the end of this episode Rowen shares the 5 steps she always uses to attract what she desires.